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"Arollo Boots are simply stunning! The quality of leather, style and workmanship are second to none. I do hope you'll take the opportunity of browsing their website, you won't be disappointed! Naturally, I will be delighted for you to gift me a pair!"


These are the Arollo Anna 2 super thigh high leather stiletto boots. I remember the day as though it was yesterday when the boots arrived. It'll come as no surprise when I say that I had a very big smile like a Cheshire cat, beaming with excitement, which certainly reflects in this photo above! 

I have over the years found it hard to find a leather boot that fits so well, and this gorgeous pair fitted like a glove! Soft genuine leather, easy ankle zip, and incredibly comfortable to walk in! 

If you're looking for exceptional quality, style and comfort, I cannot think of a better leather boot to invest in! 

These are the Arollo Anna 2

The link above will take you direct to Arollo's website!

Arollo have an incredible selection of boots, but the ones I particularly love are the crotch thigh leather stiletto boots encasing my athletic legs. 


Very happy browsing! Keep watching, as I will be uploading more photos of the Anna 2 Special Edition! They look incredible! However, if you can't wait to see what they look like, do take a look here, and pay particular attention to the soles!

As Arollo say "the platform tread sole in Alpine style is as robust as it gets in a sexy, long over the knee boot."


My latest photo shoot highlighting Arollo's stunning Anna 2 Special Edition! Their super high stiletto heel, gorgeous leather and beautifully style boot are made for walking, climbing and mounting on chalk and stone boulders! Haha yes I was climbing while the platform tread soles provided a firm grip! No chance for slipping!

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