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A Gentleman's Rendezvous!

My gentleman's rendezvous - yes your journey begins from the moment you write to me!

Have you ever thought about how you can enhance your life, add an exciting layer to your every day hectic schedule? Do you often find yourself looking for something that will provide you with a truly satisfying sensation, yet leave you wanting more? If so, do read on . . . . 

FemDomme BDSM and Fetish is designed to flip a man's world upside down. This is where you get to relinquish control from your every day working, and home life, to submit and serve a Lady of the Manor, The Equestrian Lady, a Governess, a Seductress, or a Disciplinarian. As many have said "There is nothing quite like taking that first step into submission", and indeed, if you're an experienced submissive, but want a little more than being inside the walls of an atmospheric fully equipped dungeon, then perhaps you may have just stumbled across my knees at just the right time! 


I've been in this incredible industry for many years, having produced thousands of movies, hundreds of photo shoots, and have provided many private sessions with the most amazing discerning gentlemen.  All were very unique, but all had a common thread. That thread was to simply bring something different into their lives. How exciting to know in your own mind that you're planning on meeting a Seductress, or Disciplinarian in secret, adorned in gorgeous leather, thigh high stiletto leather boots, leather gloves, or perhaps something that appeals to your Equestrian nature, armed with a leather whip, a dominant woman who can guide you through a most seductive, tantalising tease of predicament bondage, a role play that sends your mind and body into absolute pleasure, heightening your senses beyond anything you've ever thought possible.

Well, put simply, that is my role, I'm here to enhance your session by providing a Gentleman's rendezvous. A 4 hour, or longer duration that will have you experience the rituals of a beautifully equipped dungeon, or inside the comfort of a luxury hotel room, followed by an exclusive couple of hours dining in a restaurant. For me, the excitement comes from knowing I'm creating something truly special and unique to you, for you to enjoy the most fulfilling session that is different to anything you've tried before. If you're no more than a novice, it'll be my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the esoteric Arts of FemDomme BDSM and Fetish, naturally at your comfortable pace ... or perhaps not! There are no hard and fast rules, other than to ensure you are honest and open with me about your past experiences, if at all, and to put forward what you would ideally love to try. I will then create the role play suited to your level of experience, whether you're a novice or a veteran!

Give some thought to your Fetishes, what makes you tick? There is a myriad of Fetishes to stimulate your senses. From tie and tease, to corporal punishment. I'm not one for hurling abuse, or cracking a cane across the whites of your buttocks unless of course it is your chosen desire. However, if you are truly masochistic, my skilled hands will deliver the perfect lines across your cheeks with absolute precision, ensuring your skin becomes leathery without breaking before time! Imagine sitting in a restaurant knowing you've just had the most exquisite session of caning. If you're looking to be owned, you may like me to be the key holder to your chastity! 

Whether you enjoy sensory deprivation, sensory overload, tie and tease, anal play, face slapping, trampling, caning, whipping, flogging, wax play, tease and denial, cbt, predicament bondage and more, your journey starts the moment you write to me, outlining what you would ideally like to experience.  I very much look forward to hearing from you.


Check out my latest blogs to get a real taste of how you may experience a Gentleman's Rendezvous. 

Stiletto Boot Fever!

Specialising in Role Play Scenarios!

If you have an idea, write to me, I will be delighted to turn your fantasy into reality! 

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