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Booking Sessions

Availability: Monday to Friday, inc: evenings - Weekends: with 2-3 weeks notice!

Location: London Dungeon or Hotel in London or Kent with 1-2 weeks notice!               07385 721672

Please be aware I won't always be available to take your call!

With many years specialising in FemDomme BDSM and Fetish. Highly erotic tease, edging, denial or ruined, explosive, intense, lengthy or simply undeniably pleasurable. It's not just about the end result, it's the lead up, in the moment, during the pleasure, and the lasting effects that remain in your thoughts long after your incredible time with me.

It's a pleasure delving deep into one's psyche, while pushing those delectable boundaries. I love creating a journey unique to you, making every session another powerful layer of stimulation.

I'm currently providing sessions in a fully equipped dungeon in the heart of London. However, if a dungeon feels a little too daunting, perhaps you may opt for a softer environment in the comfort of a hotel room. 

A gentleman's rendezvous with a minimum of 4 hours. Mmm .... picture this; two hours of a most desirable Fetish session, followed by wine and dine at a restaurant. There you are sitting at the table still enduring the marvellous effects of my wickedly skilful caning! Or indeed, perhaps I'll have you in chastity, as I continue teasing you relentlessly, all played out from the moment you arrive until I finally permit you to release yourself from your shackles! It may very well be a marathon, but it'll be worth the wait! All sessions are planned to the very last detail ensuring your experience becomes your raison d'etre.

It starts with you, giving some thought to the type of session you would like to experience. The mind is the most powerful tool one has, and it gives me great pleasure creating incredible role play scenarios helping you to explore your Fetishes and go beyond your heart's desires.              07385 721672


My Diaries

A hidden candlelit lair beneath the old oak floor evokes the most atmospheric surrounding, and the acoustics echoing off the brick walls enrich the senses, enhancing ones experience!


Flames flicker, casting eerie shadows. Shackles, whips and chains hang from the old scarlet brick walls. Imbued deep within these dungeons are the perpetual aide-mémoires of my slaves enduring the most mind-blowing sessions.

Now imagine being bent over and shackled face down on my cast iron Whipping Bench. My scent, a blend of sweet honey, summer berries and cinnamon, arousing your senses further. I stroke the side of your neck with my long fingernails, while your head is strapped in position.


Oh how I relish and thrive on teasing my slave, as my hand caresses your body. 

My right arm stretches back with the crop and stops! My my, I can feel the tension as you wait tensing your muscles, ready for the first strike. The crop swishes slicing the air. With precision I deliver ten light strokes. With a pause, I deliver another ten strokes followed with another break. As you find yourself relishing the mild stinging sensations, your nervousness quickly evaporates.  


It's not long before your adrenalin is pumping, clouding your judgement. Feeling a little brave, you challenge my force with foolish quips. Oh how you have such a small brain, yet I find you most encouraging, as I continue to increase the severity of my thwacks. I goad you on, as you absorb the mild pain.


While you foolishly believe you have the strength to take anything, it is indeed all about to change! After all, my skill is to ensure your buttocks can take a long drawn-out session of caning in the knowledge you'll continue to feel my thwacks days after your session with me. My sessions are to remain in your thoughts until you come to see me again!



Fetishes are:

Predicament Bondage

Rope Bondage / Suspension

Bondage - Leather or PVC

Heavenly Foot Worship

FFN Seamed Stockings

Stiletto Heel Worship

Leather Stiletto Boot Worship

Genuine Leather Gloves

Senior Dragon Caning

Whipping - Cat O' Nine

Flogging - Leather / Latex

Ball Busting - Fists or Boots

Cock & Ball Torture

Ball Stretching - using weights

Chastity - Key Holding

Breathe Play

Corporal Punishment

Role Play - See below & Blogs

Humiliation - Small Penis

Nipple Torture - Clamps etc.,

Tease and Denial

Edging - High Intensity

Trampling - using my boots

Over the knee Spanking

Strap-on Play - small to large

Wax Play - lots of it!

Equestrian Play

Kali's Teeth - Can you take it?

Suspension Play

Sensual Domination

Tease & Torment

Tease & Denial.

Face Slapping - leather gloves

Mummification - cling film

Vibrators - for the beginner!

Affectionate Domination

Belt Whipping

Cock Slapping

Hairbrush Spanking


Riding Crops

Sensory Deprivation

Role Play Scenarios:

The Equestrian Lady

The Governess

Bitch BOSS


School Mistress



Lady of the Manor


Write to me at


I very much look forward to creating a role play scenario based on your Fetishes!

I take great pleasure in engaging with genuine like-minded people who have fallen in love with the sensual rituals of worshipping a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix. 

For those who have watched me for years on-line, you will know how thoroughly exciting it can be. 

If you genuinely wish to experience some of the fetishes I've listed, but have yet to take that first step, drop me an email.


The journey begins when you start thinking about the type of session you would like to experience. This includes you indicating what you would like me to wear. It's not just about the dungeon filled with BDSM furniture, whips, canes and crops, but also the visual delights of seeing me adorned in the most stunning fetish attire.

Oh, in case you were wondering, yes indeed I will be producing new photos for my gallery page over the coming weeks!


Below is my X account so that you may follow my latest exploits and what I'm up to every week! I've been overwhelmed with the support for my return! Thank you!


"WOW don't you just love the look of genuine leather gloves, not to mention how gorgeously soft they feel!

Just imagine my incredibly strong leather gloved grip!"

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